September Practice Minutes

October is here and that means that September practice minutes are due. Grade 6’s should bring their practice calendar to full band tomorrow (Tuesday) and Grade 7’s and 8’s should bring theirs to full band on Thursday.

Practice minutes can be submitted on the official calendar page that I handed out to each student (the “practice tracker”), OR on any calendar page, or even on a piece of paper telling me dates and times (in minutes).

Practice minutes are due even if that total is zero.

Parents do not need to sign the practice tracker. Practice minutes will be on a summary page that your child will present at student-led conferences, and you’ll know if your child practiced as much as they are claiming they have!

If your child is practicing, great! Praise them no matter what it sounds like. If your child is busy and can’t practice, encourage your child to practice even a few minutes a day–it will help! And if your child refuses to practice, here’s an idea. Dream up some new chore around the house for your child to do (the nastier the better). Have them do it for a few days, then let your child know that they can practice instead of [insert new chore here]. Let me know if this works!

You know your child best, and what he/she is capable of, so continue to encourage them to do the best they can. Thank you for your support!

Mr. Jim Mitchell