December Newsletter

Hello All!

I hope your Advent is off to a good start. Our band students are preparing for the Christmas Concert and I know you’re going to be impressed! Here is the December Band Newsletter (it’s a long one–maybe grab a fresh coffee or tea).

Elementary Bands Christmas Concert 2015

Friday, December 11th, 7 p.m.

Mae Wilson Theatre

Admission by Silver Collection

•Please have your child at the theatre between 6:30 and 6:45. Please no earlier than 6:15.

•It looks like there is a Warriors game that night, so maybe leave a few minutes earlier and be prepared for a bit of a walk to the theatre!

•Grade 6’s can wear black on the bottom half and white on the top half. For the Christmas concert I will also allow green and red clothes (but dressy please–no jeans or t-shirts).

•Grade 7 & 8’s will wear the blue band t-shirt and black on the bottom half.

•All students can wear Santa hats, elf hats, reindeer antlers, etc. Please nothing that may block the view of the musicians sitting behind, or things that make excess noise.

•Decorate the instruments? Why not! Those little strings of battery operated LED’s you can get at the dollar store would be cool, or garland, or whatever, as long as it does not affect the playability of the instrument, or that will damage it.


As usual, we need volunteers to help make the concert happen, especially as the program/audience is growing! Here’s what we need. Please email me if you can help.

•2 silver collection table sitters

•4 warm-up room supervisors***

•6 – 8 ushers

•3 or 4 families to help with equipment (and at least two with a truck)

Concert Order

We will begin with the grade 6’s, followed by the Holy Trinity Staff & Friends Concert Band, the Junior Jazz band, then the grade 7/8’s from each school will present a song, and lastly, the grade 7/8 band will take the stage and play two songs.

At the fall concert we came very close to filling every seat in the theatre. Wow! Just in case we have more people in the audience this time around, I am going to free up the three rows usually occupied by band students, down at the front. This means we need to have the band students staying in the warm-up room when not on stage.This is why I need 4 warm-up room supervisors. Two need to be parents of grade 6 students, and two who are parents of 7/8’s (who don’t mind missing the other performances). I will talk to the kids and make sure they are quiet and calm when the concert is going on.s

In a worst-case scenario (best-case scenario?), if the theatre fills up and there are still parents without seats, then I may ask those families who have children in the 7/8 band only to temporarily give up their seats to families with grade 6 children (and go hang out in the lobby). Then, after the grade 6 performance, the grade 6 families can pack up and go if they like, freeing seats for the other families. I can’t see us filling up this much, but I don’t want you to be surprised if I say “Families of grade 7/8 students, would you kindly leave the theatre!”

Long story short, we will make sure everyone gets to see their child performing. Thank you for your patience and understanding. If it ends up being a gong show, then I will definitely be seeking out a different venue for future concerts!

Practice Trackers

Thank you for supporting this new way of recording your child’s practice minutes. The majority of the band students are getting their practice trackers signed and turned in mostly on time. If your child loses their practice tracker, just use whatever calendar you have in your house and rip out the page and send it in. November practice trackers are due this week.

Instruments Repairs

Just after the Christmas concert is a great time to take in your child’s instrument if it is in need of repairs. Always take the instrument to the store you got the instrument from for repairs as most of the time it is covered in your rental agreement, or warranty if bought. If you’re not sure where your child’s instrument came from, then I recommend either St. John’s Music in Regina, or Long & McQuade in Regina. The best instrument repair person in the province is Kevin Junk in Saskatoon (MusiCraft), if you have a priceless instrument and you want the best repair work done (especially woodwind instruments).

Festival Solos

As soon as Christmas is over we start talking to the students about the opportunity to perform a solo in the music festival. This is optional, but a great challenge for those students seeking one. Some of your children have done a solo/small ensemble in the last festival or two–definitely think about doing it again! The festival is in mid-April and registration forms are due January 24th. Curious? Go to and look for the Moose Jaw Festival.

Facebook Page

Yes, we have a facebook page! It’s mostly just for fun, but check it out and give it a “Like”. I post random stuff, concert announcements ‘n’ such.

Vanier’s Band and Choir Concert

This Sunday evening is Vanier’s annual Prairie Christmas Band and Choir concert. The concert takes place at Hillcrest church and starts at 7 p.m. There is a cost to attend, but it is worth it (and all monies raised stays in the music program). Hope to see you there!

A Year With Frog and Toad–Musical

I’m not saying you have to come out to this musical, BUT if you do go to it (starts tonight and runs until Sunday afternoon), and you hear some bass guitar and tuba, that’s me! It’s actually a great show and fun for the whole family. Check out Rubarb’s website for more info.

Royal Canadian Air Force Jet Stream Band

Another cool show is coming to Moose Jaw. If you can, check out the RCAF “Jet Stream” band who will be performing at the Mae Wilson on Dec. 12 at 7PM. Check out this page for more info on this amazing band!

I think that’s it–email with any questions/concerns you may have!

Happy Advent, and Merry Christmas!

Mr. Jim Mitchell