Grade 7/8 Overnight Trip, Saskatoon, April 22, 23, 2017

Grade 7/8 Overnight Trip to Saskatoon, Saturday/Sunday, April 22nd & 23rd, 2017

The grade 7/8’s will be going to Saskatoon at the end of Easter break to attend a symphony concert full of Star Wars (and other movie) music. Will be a great concert!

If you have not yet replied with a confirmation of your child’s involvement, either “YES” they can go, or “NO” they can not, then please do so right away. I need to confirm numbers for bussing arrangements, hotel, and concert tickets. At this point every student but one is saying they can come, but I need confirmation from parents. Please let me know by Friday.

In the meantime, I have sent home an official permission form, which will need to be returned with a deposit of $20 (nonrefundable). Please return that permission form and deposit by the due date indicated. Total cost will be around $125 plus two meals out of pocket.